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CASE STUDY | AGCO | Precision in Action – Internal Factory Costing with aPriori

AGCO is a global designer, manufacturer, and distributor of agricultural equipment. They’re a global and highly-trusted presence for farmers all over the world. Their full range of machines and equipment includes planting, harvesting, tending, storing, feeding, and smart farming innovations of the future.

Both AGCO and their target buyers are looking to streamline and optimize costs. Digital factories enable businesses like AGCO to get fast, accurate product cost insights so they can make decisions that benefit the business AND the buyer.

The more an engineer knows about the manufacturability and cost of their new designs, the better they can design for manufacturability. Learn how AGCO uses aPriori to design for manufacturability in this short case study presentation from aPriori’s Manufacturing Insight Conference.

We’ll show you why AGCO has been a dedicated aPriori customer since 2007 and since then has expanded to 120 licenses globally, allowing them to scale their factory costing efforts around the globe.

See hands-on how AGCO built out their digital factories in aPriori using two distinct units: Grain and Protein (G&P), and Vehicles.

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